Anti-Racist Dance Pedagogy, A Growing Resource

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Articles and Essays:

Working Documents, Resources, and Centering BIPOC voices:

Social Media, Film, and Podcasts:

  • @thomaspagedances (instagram) - Racism and the Contemporary Dance World
  • Dance Union podcast
  • @StreetDanceActivism (instagram)- Global Dance Mediation for Black Liberation
  • @chicagoblackliberation (instagram) - An Artists Guide For Not Being Complicit with Gentrification
  • @mobballet (instagram) - Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet
  • Black Ballerina Documentary

Resources list (in Spanish and Portuguese) compiled by Grupo de Estudios de Danzas Argentinas y Latinoamericanas (GEDAL) from the University of Buenos Aires, and Anamaría Tamayo-Duque from Colombia HERE