Dance Studies Association Institutional Members

Membership in DSA is open to all persons and organizations interested in advancing the field of dance studies through research, publication, performance, and outreach to audiences across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Institutional membership is a direct mode of support for graduate student workers and contingent faculty.  

A new Tiered Institutional Membership was introduced in April 2022, with a fee structure based on annual organizational/departmental budgets (self-reported).  With this change, and the additional benefits listed below, DSA continues to work to undo financial barriers to access.  We hope that this new tiered institutional membership structure will encourage departments and organizations to join DSA as a way to support large contingent faculties and/or graduate student populations.  

  • NEW! Up to 10 digital memberships – 7 of which must be for contingent/non-tenured faculty and/or graduate students (must be currently affiliated with the member institution) - includes member registration rates, conference presentation eligibility, JSTOR access, and voting rights
  • NEW! 20% discount on conference advertising, exhibiting, sponsorships
  • One print copy and one e-book copy from annual book series, Studies in Dance, published by the University of Michigan Press
  • One print subscription to Dance Research Journal, published by Cambridge University Press (3 issues per year)
  • NEW! Electronic access to Dance Research Journal for all 10 affiliated memberships
  • NEW! Up to 5 gratis digital memberships for graduating students. These 5 membership must be a continuation from the affiliated members in the previous year, thus requires a full year of Institutional Membership first.  This allows DSA to support recent graduates, new to the job market, in the moment that DSA networking and resources can be crucially important.

Current DSA Institutional Members:



Our program offers studies in the theory and cultural context of dance, encourages original choreographic work, provides a variety of performing opportunities for students at all levels of experience, and builds a strong and versatile technique in dance.


Colgate Logo

The Department of Theater at Colgate University offers courses that span dance practice, choreography, and dance studies for students across the liberal arts curriculum. Students engage in dance through immersion in the creative process, performance, and research. As we expand our dance curriculum, we are committed to employing diverse global and cultural perspectives in the dance studio and academic classroom.


Coventry Logo

The Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University is led by Director Professor Sarah Whatley and specialises in an inclusive interdisciplinary approach to diverse forms of artistic and scholarly research in dance supported by new approaches to documentation, analysis and dissemination of choreographic creativity. C-DaRE embraces leading edge research developments including reflexive enquiry into embodied practices, collective and political action, digitisation, cultural value and the expanded choreographic field. In addition, C-DaRE also seeks to investigate and critique the legal frameworks that can be used to support and empower the sector.


The Master of Fine Arts in Dance: Embodied Interdisciplinary Praxis (MFAEIP) is a two-year, residential program grounded in Duke’s interdisciplinary approach, which encourages students to design and implement movement-based creative research that engages urgent issues and contributes to critical conversations within and beyond the arts. Duke Dance also offers a bachelor of arts degree that encourages students to expand their cultural and creative awareness and to connect dance to society at large.

 Loyola Marymount University Dance Department's Loge

Located in Los Angeles, California, Loyola Marymount University is a liberal arts university with a nationally-accredited dance major. LMU Dance offers a bachelor’s degree that enables our students to pursue training in the art of dance while also engaging in a well-rounded liberal arts education. LMU is ideally situated to provide our students with dynamic educational experiences that bleed the borders between campus and community for personal and professional enrichment, connecting students with the diverse artistic opportunities that define the Los Angeles area.

 The Place Logo

London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) is a world-leader in dance higher education and a key part of The Place - the creative powerhouse for dance in central London. LCDS champions new ideas, embraces artistic innovation and enables extraordinary experiences for students to realise their full potential. The School offers intensive technical and creative dance courses in Higher Education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Stanford University TAPS Logo

At TAPS, theory and practice are inextricably linked and mutually reinforcing. We prepare our students to become scholar-artists fluent in both of these languages. We teach our graduate and undergraduate students in academic classes and seminars, in acting and dance studios, and by mentoring them in their creative work and scholarly research.

 Swathmore College Logo

Swarthmore’s Dance program brings together a talented group of students to perform a global repertoire of dance styles and simultaneously engage in critical thinking and writing. Offering a Major and a Minor, students have the option to specialize in either Choreography or Dance Studies.

University of the arts logo

Under the leadership of Donna Faye Burchfield, the School of Dance at University of the Arts in Philadelphia is a community of 300 talented, expressive students and an exceptional faculty of world-recognized artists with expansive and far-reaching abilities and experiences.

The school reimagines and reinvigorates curricular approaches to reflect the ever-expanding landscape of dance, while training and supporting the futures of young dance artists. Students are encouraged to discover their interests; articulate their perspectives; and situate themselves as participants capable of developing critical approaches to dance, performance and study. The curriculum takes the depth and rigor of a discipline-based dance conservatory, while actively interweaving practice and theory and maintaining international collaborations and exchanges at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


 The University of Chicago TAPS Logo

TAPS at UChicago is centered around the belief that embodied research is critical to the performing arts, to broad cultural literacy, and to the advancement of cross-disciplinary scholarship. Our program seeks to animate the intersection of practice and theory through studio classes, seminars, and studio-seminar courses that are designed to be dialogical, experimental, and individualized. We support students to follow their unique research interests and prepare them for professional possibilities within and beyond the academy. 

University of Chichester Dance Department Logo

The Dance Department at the University of Chichester is situated in West Sussex on the South coast of England. The department has an international reputation for Practice Research and our research specialisms include Choreography and Composition, Site Dance, Dance Science, Reflective Practice, Dance Pedagogy and Interdisciplinary Approaches to creative arts enquiry. Our diverse team of dance scholars and practitioner-researchers contribute to the UK and International dance research ecology through peer-reviewed publication, professional performances and public workshops and offer PhD supervision in practice-based and traditional scholarly / written research formats.


U Hawaii
The UHM Dance program is unique in its offerings in Pacific and Asian dance forms. Also featured are courses in a variety of dance techniques, 
choreography, performance, history, critical theory, kinesiology, movement analysis, ethnology, education, and visual media. Students have ample opportunity to choreograph, perform, collaborate, and engage in scholarly research.

Boston Public Library

Colby College

Johns Hopkins University

Ohio State University

Old Dominion University

Reed College

Southern Utah University

University of California, Berkley

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

West Chester University