Research and Leadership Awards

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Distinction in Dance Award

An annual award given to individuals in the annual conference's host city who have contributed significantly to dance in their home community.

2022 Awardee: Margaret Grenier

Outstanding Scholarly Research in Dance Award

This award honors an exceptional scholar or leader for sustained contributions to dance research.

2022 Awardee: Brenda Dixon-Gottschild

Dixie Durr Award for Outstanding Service to Dance Research

This award recognizes the aid rendered the field of dance studies by people who sustain existing structures, institutions, and organizations for dance research.

2021 Awardee: Susan Manning

Dance in the Public Sphere Award

This award recognizes renewed and new forms of public access and activism widening the circulation of dance initiatives and resources.

2023 Awardee: Dance Center of Iran (DCI)

Mid-Career Award

This award recognizes the leadership of mid-career scholars in the development of our field.

2022 Awardees: Rosemary Candelario and Raquel Monroe