Welcome to the new DSA website!

As a part of larger institutional change for equity, we are streamlining DSA operations in order to funnel monetary resources to new and ongoing member benefits.  This new website and management system is part of that work.  We appreciate your patience while we work through this digital re-facing.

We are optimistic that this transition will be smooth and seamless, but are also realistic about bumps along the way.  If you are experiencing trouble with your membership, with your login, or with access to any other member benefit, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Right now, email is the best bet ([email protected]).  As you may have seen, we are also hiring two new Administrative Fellows to help with DSA's new leaner, smarter infrastructure.  Until those two new people are hired and on boarded, DSA's Executive Director Lizzie Leopold is very much holding up the daily operations on her own.  Thank you for your support and patience during this critical building/re-buildling. 

The Benefits of Membership

As a DSA member you will join a community of 1,000 strong across the globe.  Member benefits include access to Dance Research Journal, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies, and a copy of the annual Studies in Dance book (print or digital).  Members are eligible to present work at our annual conference.  DSA membership also grants discounted registration rates to all DSA events (in-person and digital), award eligibility for student members, access to one-on-one office hours with Board members and editors, and more.  Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or barriers to your membership.  We are here to work to broaden our community access and grow our DSA membership along the way.

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Community Support/Support Community

In June of 2020 the DSA Board enacted an immediate change to the membership-fee structure, drastically reducing the cost of membership.  This change was the first action taken in response to an urgent anti-racist rebuilding the Association would commit to taking on.  This fee-structure was a catalyst for ongoing structural changes.  As the Board of Directors stated, DSA will not curate Blackness towards a new center; DSA will reckon with its past and engage in equitable institutional change for the field. 

While there is a lot we don’t yet know about this structural undoing/redoing, what we clearly know already is that DSA and its predecessors, CORD AND SDHS, relied heavily on the financial buttressing of the academy.  The DSA budget was structured around the idea that membership dues would fully support operation expenses, and that dues would come from a largely tenured membership - a membership with ample research funds and reimbursement opportunities.  As we recognized this bias and lowered the cost of entry, DSA has grown by nearly 50%.  Our community is teetering around 1,000 global members, an increasingly diverse group of independent scholars, artists, teachers, and beyond. 

With this year of simultaneously extraordinary growth and extraordinary change, we ask for your support.  With a $10 contribution (tax deductible) from each of DSA’s 1,000 members, we can ensure that democratic access to DSA and its benefits can continue to grow in earnest.  Please donate any amount HERE to support the work of DSA, as we continue to support your work and a more equitable DSA community.