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We heard you!  DSA will re-launch its conference app, with schedules, links to events, presenter bios, awards info, working group info, networking capabilities, and more.  To be live by the end of March. Advertise on the app and read about more ways to simultaneously support yours and DSA's events. 
Radical Acts of Translation: Mobilizing Reciprocities Across Bodily Arts
Friday, 12 May at UFBA, Salvador (Brazil) 

New Mobilities on the Turn? 
Friday, 8 September at The Place, London (United Kingdom) 

Bridging the Gap Between Gown and Town
Thursday, 26 October at Crown Hill University, Ilorin (Nigeria) 

2023 DSA Bursary for Minoritized South Asian Dance Artists/Scholars

DSA was approached by Social Justice for South Asian Dance Collective - a group of South Asian dance scholars who donated $1500 USD to fund a 2023 DSA Bursary for Minoritized South Asian Dance Artists/Scholars. With this bursary, the DSA Board hears the call to mobilize our verbal promises of equity over the last few years into material action. This one-year pilot bursary is a model for future years.