Conference Hosting Proposal Guidelines

Below is advice for hosts and institutions on preparing proposals to host DSA conferences

Phase One:

  • The initial proposal to the DSA Conference Committees, which they will forward to their respective Boards once they have approved it, should include the following items:
    • Proposed dates (indicate any special local factors or constraints)
    • A brief discussion of proposed theme and a preliminary draft of the Call for Papers
    • Institution(s) or other stakeholders which have undertaken to support the organizers
    • Venue, location in relation to nearest city, description of spaces for conference meetings (including DSA Board meetings, the annual membership awards lunch, working groups, the plenary session, and possibilities for performance), technological support and other facilities
  • Possible Hotels and other accommodation, nearest airport, and local transportation issues

Phase Two:

Once the initial proposal has been accepted by the Board, a revised proposal should be submitted to Board ideally 2 years prior and no later than 18 months prior to the conference commencing. This proposal should contain the best information available in regard to the following, as indicated below:

  • Infrastructure support (website, email, credit card capability for onsite registration etc)
  • Plans for cultural program (performances etc), excursions
  • Visa situation as you understand it (valid for international conferences)
  • Headline budget showing the following:
    • estimated registration price for members, students, and non-members
    • other income (grants, institutional subsidies etc)
    • estimated itemized costs for different aspects of expense including but not limited to any of the following: space and equipment hire, buses or other local transportation, administrative costs, potential translation costs, other conference material, special costs such as excursions, liability insurance costs, payment for cultural events

The DSA Board has more detailed documents to assist with planning and budgeting. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.