cuir/quare/queer dance (exploratory Working Group)

Chair: Clare Croft ([email protected])

The cuir/quare/queer dance Working Group (exploratory phase) is a coalitional-focused group interested in supporting dance research of all kinds–making, writing, and beyond–focused on queer dance, recognizing that “queer” manifests in multiple ways around the world and in people’s varied identities and practices. We also seek to support those within our community who identify as LGBTQ+ scholars, both those within DSA and those in the dance world more broadly, through convening conversations, reading/watching groups, mentorship, and artmaking.

Founding Members: Jeremy Hahn, Michael Love, Bhumi Patel, Alfonso Cervera, Al Evangelista, Amanda Hamp, Amelia Rose Estrada, Anurima Banerji, Naomi Bragin, Charli Brissey, Chelsea Hilding, Clare Croft, Cuauhtemoc Peranda, Manuel Cuellar, Charmian Wells, David Tenorio, Denise Machin, Eike Wittrock, Emily Barasch, Emily Bock, Susan Foster, Gerald Casel, Irvin Gonzalez, Gretchen Alterowitz, Gunindu Abeyesekera, Hari Krishnan, Iyun Harrison, Jackie Davis, Julia Havard, Kalie Jamieson, Kareem Khubchandani, Hannah Kosstrin, Lucia Ruprecht, Meiver De La Cruz, Val Meneau, Nicole Haitzinger, Peter Carpenter, Petra Kuppers, Rosemary Candelario, Raegan Truax, Pallavi Rudraraju, Sandra Chatterjee, Thomas DeFrantz, VK Preston

MEETING, OPEN TO ALL DSA MEMBERS: Monday June 12th (12-1pm EST), email Clare or access Zoom link by logging in as DSA member and clicking "DSA MEMBER ACCESS" in the menu.