First-Time Author Mentorship Program

The SIDH First-time Author Mentorship Program supports the development of monographs in dance studies written by first-time authors. The Studies in Dance History Editorial Board will choose up to one scholar per year for the program, and the chosen author will be matched with an appropriate senior scholar mentor. Once the pairing is identified, the Editorial Board Chair will work with author and mentor to design a plan for mentorship, providing two years of support focused on preparing the full manuscript for submission to presses.

Being chosen for the mentorship program does not guarantee the author's book a slot in the SIDH series, but the Editorial Board hopes the author will submit the manuscript to the series at the end of the mentorship program. The mentorship program is open to all members of the Dance Studies Association who have not previously published a monograph. Submissions for the mentorship program and questions about the program should be directed to [email protected].

  • 2023: Indescribable Moves: Improvised Experiments in Dancing Blackness, Tara Aisha Willis (Mentor: Jasmine Johnson)
  • 2021: Performative Geographies, Moving Histories: Dancing New Imaginaries from Early Modern South Asia, Pallavi Sriram (Mentor: Jens Richard Giersdorf)
  • 2021: Dissenting through Dance: Folk Dance, Gender, and Political Protest in Turkey, Sevi Bayraktar (Mentor: Thomas F. DeFrantz)
  • 2020: Beneath the Visual: Socio-Somatic Choreography in the Twenty-First Century, Amanda Hamp (Mentor: Katherine Profeta)
  • 2019: Choreographing the Iranian Diaspora: Dance and Spectatorship in the Era of War on Terror, Heather Rastovac Akbarzadeh (Mentor: Aimee Cox)
  • 2018: Transnational Moves: Dance and the Bangladeshi Nation, Munjulika Tarah (Mentor: Royona Mitra)


  1. Follow SIDH manuscript submission guidelines for consideration for the mentorship, but only one chapter (rather than two, as is the case for series consideration) is required.
  2. In addition to submission materials, the author must submit one previously published article or book chapter.
  3. In the cover letter, address why mentorship is specifically needed at this point in time. Applicants should also name two-three specific people they would be interested in working with as mentors, if chosen for the program.