2024 Peer Review Webinar Series 

On behalf of the Standing Committee on Publications and Research and the Standing Committee on Professional Development

Fridays Feb 9, Mar 1, and April 5
9am PT/noon ET/6pm CET
90 minutes
Zoom webinar format

Free to members, $20 for non-members: REGISTER HERE!

 Feb 9: You Just Got Asked to do a Peer Review: Now What? (facilitator: Clare Croft)

Doing peer reviews of manuscripts and journal articles in progress is a vital part of the work of being a scholar, but not a task many are ever explicitly trained to do. This webinar seeks to fill this gap by focusing on the task of peer reviewing–when and why you should say yes, and how to write a thoughtful response to your colleagues' work all while keeping the workload manageable. During the webinar, editors of journals and book series will speak about ways to approach peer reviewing, including offering practical advice about how to read manuscripts and write a reader report.

March 1: You Just Got Your Peer Reviews: Now What? (facilitator: Rebekah Kowal)

What is the role of peer reviews in the development of scholarly research in dance studies? What are ways authors use peer reviews and editorial feedback to transform their research leading to publication? In this webinar, we will consider these questions from the author’s point of view. Published authors and DSA editors will share stories about navigating peer review from the perspective of both authors and editors, including how they’ve used peer reviews to improve, deepen, and expand their writing and research, and strategies for writing a response to peer readers. We invite authors at all career stages and experiences to participate and share their experiences and expertise as well.

April 5: Proposing Values-based Models for Peer Review in Dance Studies Publishing (facilitator: Rachel Carrico)

Multiple voices across academia are addressing the crisis of peer review in academic publishing. The process, on which academic publishing depends, has long relied on the goodwill of scholars, frequently demanding racially gendered labor. Despite its structural problems, when undertaken with care and generosity, peer review can be deeply meaningful and transformative for authors, reviewers, the work and the field. Indeed, some journals have adopted alternative systems of review, and experts have suggested ways to overhaul the peer review process. This webinar invites any and all invested in publishing in the field of Dance Studies to engage in a conversation across multiple perspectives - editor, author, and reader - regarding current peer review practices in our field, how we might best work inside of them, and to envision radical shifts. What procedures and values do we need in the field of Dance Studies to make this peer process work for us and the development of our work? Where can we go from here? How do we as a field think about this process as a way of advancing our values and knowledge production in Dance Studies? How can we make this process work for us? How can we dream together about how to best work inside and change existing models and envision radical shifts for our future?