Chair: Sanchita Sharma, [email protected] 

In a performance studies context, ‘Practice-as-Research,’ sometimes referred to as ‘Research- into-Practice’ and ‘Practice-based Research,’ is a methodology that helps explore the intricate relationship between theory and practice as forms of research. This DSA working group investigates dance practice as a research tool and aims to understand underlying epistemological concerns which can only be generated through a practical approach to studying dance. This group will engage in discussions concerning the “Practice-as-Research” method and exchange resources to contextualize the relevance of this method in university instructional settings and beyond. This DSA working group shall serve as a platform to share knowledge, strategies, materials, and research ideas.

Topic of discussion for the working group include:

  1. What is practice-as-research in a performance studies context?
  2. What does it mean to conduct a practice-based research project in dance studies?
  3. How do we contextualize the findings from a practice-based research project?
  4. What is the contribution of practice-as-research to existing research methodologies?
  5. What are the drawbacks of this methodology and what can we learn from it going forward?

All those interested in exploring the Practice-as-Research methodology are invited to join this working group. In the meantime, any inquiries related to membership or activities of the working group may be addressed by sending an email to the chair of the group.