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Read the full Call for Papers HERE in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. 

The 2024 Dance Studies Association meeting in Buenos Aires will be our organization’s first major gathering outside of North America and Europe. This occasion aims to facilitate new routes and roots of local and international exchange and dialogic (un)learning in the field of dance studies. At the same time, it beckons us to engage critically with the violences embedded in practices and narratives of expansion and mapping.

NOTE: This is an in-person event.  If you are proposing a group submission, you will be able to Zoom in your co-presenters from onsite.  But DSA will not be able to provide full hybrid conferencing infrastructures, as we will be focusing on translation logistics onsite.

SEE SPECIAL DIGITAL DRJ COLLECTION (open access through July 2024) - Cartographies of Movement
curated by DRJ Editorial Fellows Sariel Golomb, Jennifer Ligaya Senecal, and Emily Wieder


Presenter, Moderator, and Translator Instructions can be found HERE.  They are available in Spanish and Portuguese through the conference app/web app.

TRAVEL INFORMATION (including visa info)

The main location of the conference is the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras building in the city center.

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María Eugenia Cadús and Victoria Fortuna (Co-Chairs, Programming and Local Organization Committees)

Program Committee: Alfdaniels Mabingo, Angélique Willkie, Cintia María Oliverio, Irene López Arnaiz, Lucía Matos, Jose Luis Reynoso, María Martha Gigena, Mônica Fagundes Dantas, Rafael Guarato, Marta E. Savigliano, Margarita Tortajada Quiroz, Susan Homar, Olga Lucia Sorzano 

PHOTOS: Mau Chaco Ramírez

Edgardo Mercado, Topologies for Infinitely Unconquerable Bodies (2016) Topologies for Infinitely Unconquerable Bodies is a large-scale performance installation, both playful and contemplative and/or participatory, that immerses us in an experience that transforms space through the bodies of 20 performers as well as audience members, allowing us to question the connectivity, ubiquity, and limits of the body in motion today.

Edgardo Mercado, Topologías para cuerpos infinitamente inconquistables (2016) Topologías para cuerpos infinitamente inconquistables es una instalación performática de grandes dimensiones, tanto lúdica como contemplativa y/o participativa, que nos sumerge en una experiencia que transforma el espacio a través de los cuerpos de 20 performers y de los visitantes, permitiéndonos cuestionarnos acerca de la conectividad, ubicuidad, y límites del cuerpo en movimiento hoy. 

Edgardo Mercado, Topologias para Corpos Infinitamente Inconquistáveis (2016) Topologias para Corpos Infinitamente Inconquistáveis é uma instalação performática em larga escala, tanto lúdica quanto contemplativa e/ou participativa, que nos submerge em uma experiência que transforma o espaço através dos corpos de 20 performers e membros da plateia, permitindo questionar a conectividade, ubiquidade e limites do corpo em movimento hoje.