Cartographies of Movement (2024 conference)

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VISA INFO: Only a few countries require a visa to enter Argentina. If you come from one of these countries (you can check here), we recommend that you apply for a tourist visa. If you ask at an embassy or consulate, they will probably tell you that you need a letter and a RENURE number from the university. However, this is because it is assumed that you are coming to the conference to work or that you will be staying for more than 90 days for study purposes. As this is not the case and the university is not your host institution or employer, you do not need this formal letter or the RENURE number. You only need to apply for a tourist visa. However, if you must use a RENURE number we can provide it from the University of Buenos Aires.  Please reach out to Conference Co-Chair, Eugenia Cadus, if you require this step: [email protected]


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Intercontinental Hotel, Buenos Aires

Reservations must be made through the unique DSA link HERE (and linked above) to access the group discounted hotel room rates, starting at $199USD. Rooms are available as King Beds or 2 Twin Beds, and can be shared/split with up to 3 individuals.

"This Buenos Aires Hotel represents the sophisticated and classic style of this historical city. Enjoy your holidays with the beautifully designed suites, indoor pool and onsite spa. Conveniently located near major cultural attractions such as museums, theatres, traditional coffee shops and famous neighborhoods such as San Telmo and Florida Avenue, this luxurious hotel will let you experience the authentic Argentina."

We recognize that this cost of hotel stay is significant, and yet other local hotels were requiring DSA to pay for all attendee rooms upfront (and then get reimbursed from our membership).  DSA is a small nonprofit, and we are simply unable to pay for all attendee hotel rooms.  After much work with our partner, Conference Direct, and negotiations with the Intercontinental, we are excited to visit this beautiful hotel.   When we contract with a hotel we must guarantee them a certain number of rooms.  While we hope you will stay at the Intercontinental, helping DSA reach its guarantee, we have also estimated this number conservatively - knowing that this lodging arrangement will not be right for all conference attendees.  

If you are financially unable to stay at the Intercontinental, please email [email protected] - as we have local resources to help you locate alternate lodging.